Teaching Philosophy

After 25 years of teaching the game in the traditional manner of fixing swings based on ball flight, I made the break to coaching and bringing out of students their natural motion, one that is already in them. The key is in setting up the lesson. The first session is seeing where you are presently and then see what is possible. Follow-up sessions have the student choose something of importance they were doing but not aware of, a blind spot so to speak. Once they are aware of and know what is actually happening and can distinguish something different, they own it and can coach themselves! The session is not over until the student has enough to coach themselves on this former blind spot.

Students new to the game experience an athletic golf posture and set-up, then a whole, swinging motion.

Are you receptive to a point of view where you and the ball flight is not judged, to where you become aware of the two seconds it takes to swing a golf club? I am recruiting players who want to experience something different and special. If you wish to get on my team, give me a call.


Yours in golf,





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