Ladies League


Free Ladies Clinic:   Mountain Valley will be sponsoring a free clinic for all lady golfers on Thursday, May 5 at 6:00 pm.

League membership fee:  All members $10.00

Weekly dues:  $3.00 (when you play) which is used for weekly prizes

When: Every Thursday starting May 12.

Time:   4:00 –  5:00 PM.

9-hole Twilight Format.  You may arrive any time between 4:00 – 5:00 PM.  You will not be paired up, as members arrive at different times.  You may play with a friend, or make arrangements to meet others but you must play with another member of the league.  Several ladies usually arrive @ 4:30 pm weekly so feel free to join in.

Here’s how it works:   When you arrive each week you must sign the roster in the Pro Shop and pay your weekly dues and mark yourself paid.  The game that we will be playing that week will be listed on the top of the score sheet along with the winners from the previous week.  If you are one of the winners, there will be an envelope for you with your prize. When you finish your round, please calculate and enter your entire score on the score sheet, not just your final score. You are responsible for entering and calculating your own score correctly. Please do not just throw your score card in the envelope.

Special  Dates:  We will try to hold three (3) special golf nights (June, July, August) where groups will be picked and a special format/game will be played with additional prizes.  You will be asked to sign up the previous week.  This will allow new members, as well as old, to meet others and play a round with someone other than their usual group. The dates for these nights will be determined based on weather and availability.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact  Lori Rizzo at or 570-778-1361.

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